Real Estate 101 | Brief Insights 05.2016

Is real estate, i.e. property holdings, a good investment? Specifically, are residential holdings, in the form of houses or condominiums, good investments?

This issue of Brief Insights takes a first look at residential real estate as an investment asset and compares it to traditional stock and bond investments as well as alternative investments in the housing sector. What we found challenges many of our beliefs of the viability of residential real estate to improve our wealth.

QuantScape Investment Primer | Executive Brief 2015

This executive briefing summarizes our wealth management thought process and provides an overview of our investment frameworks which we prepared for our Chinese clients.

For prospective clients, we highly recommend speaking with us directly so that we have answer any questions or concerns that you may have about our services and processes.

Internationalization of China's RMB | 10.2015 Conference, NYC

Our CIO, Jenny Guan, served as a panelist at a conference in New York City hosted by the International Monetary Institute (IMI) of Renmin University and the Global Center of Pennsylvania State University. The panel discussed the internationalization of China's RMB. She predicted that the currency would become a major reserve currency and be included in IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket. As of late October, her predictions were validated by an IMF commission recommending the inclusion of the RMB into the SDR basket.

Investing In Private Growth Companies | Annual Report 2014

This research brief is an update of last year's analysis. As you will see in this brief, private growth companies, as an asset class, have both outperformed the broad market indices and shown improvement on a risk adjusted basis. The potential for outsized returns was demonstrated across the board as private growth companies in different sectors either went public or were acquired at very good valuations. (Click on the title to read report)

Public & Private College Tuition | 2013 College Board

Average college tuition at major public and private universities is compared on this chart. Two-colleges, public in-state, public out-of-state and private colleges are covered in this chart. (Click on the title to see chart)

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